Country Scrapple

Country Scrapple

Country Scrapple (1lb)
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A Mid-Atlantic tradition! People from other parts of the country may not get it — but that’s just because they haven’t tasted it yet. And if you’re a scrapple lover but you’ve only had the grocery store scrapple, you are in for a real treat. Our country scrapple takes it to a new level with a richer flavor highlighted by a touch of pepper. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. All-around perfect.

“Everything they carry is amazing.” — Aaron V.

“I love knowing where my food comes from, and it couldn’t come from nicer people!” — Laura G.

What You'll Get

1 package of country scrapple

Approximately 1lb


How We Raise Your Food

Heritage Breed Pork

Raised on Pasture and Woodlands

Fed Locally Sourced, Non-GMO Grains

No Antibiotics

No Steroids or Growth Stimulants

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