Knuckle Bones

Knuckle Bones

By Bag (average size 2 - 6 lbs each)
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$5.15/lb. $2.50/lb. Avg. 4 lb.
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Knuckle bones are ideal for making homemade beef broths and stocks.

To make a homemade beef broth, simply fill a large crock pot with about 3 lbs of beef knuckles, add some veggies (we recommend carrots and celery) and your favorite seasonings, and fill the pot with water. Cook on low for about 24 hours. Strain the broth and enjoy!

When placing your order, please indicate the total number of items you would like. The average size range we have for each item is included above. If you have a preference on the size of your item(s), please send us a note through the comments section and we will do our best to accommodate. Final price determined by final weight. Once item(s) is weighed, we will update your order before final charge is made. You will receive a receipt for the final charge.

Please note that our processors pack bones in a variety of weights. Due to licensing laws and regulations, we are unable to alter or repackage any items coming from our processors. We will do our best to fulfill your request for the amount of bones you wish, but we may only have smaller or larger quantities available. We will always reach out if there are any issues with your order.

***We do not recommend giving beef bones to dogs***

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